Schmiedeglut quality guarantee
Since the first hammer blow, it was always our goal to bring out the maximum potential of the material steel. All works are subject to the highest standards of craftsmanship and are performed by our highly specialized employees to 100% by hand.

For this reason we provide our customers with hand forged knives, the 100% satisfaction guarantee!

100% perfect

  • The current number of complaints  in one of our handcrafted knives or blades since opening in 2009 is  a total of only 5 pieces!  (21.11.2014) These customers have received immediate and thorough rectification and were 100% happy with our service and the result. If you discover an error after purchasing one of our knives and / or blades, please contact us immediately. (Does not cover damage from improper use or material properties)

100% fair prices

  • Our knives are worth the price,  because they do not occur at the touch of a computer-controlled machine, but completely handmade and as individual pieces! In our knives there is no cheap mass products and the prices reflect the real value of the knife.
  • For more information about our prices please visit >>> Our prices in detail <<<


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