Mammoth molar (stabilised)

Stabilised mammoth molar by Raffir

About 20.000 year old mammoth molar from Sibiria

The molars of mammoths are among the most beautiful and impressive handle materials available . The beautiful coloring in the material comes through the incorporation of various minerals from the soil of the locality . The gorgeous grain of the natural material is perfectly complemented by the mechanical advantage of the stabilization process . The processing of the material is relatively difficult and there are high-quality tools required. You can find a guide (only in german) packed with tipps and tricks on how to deal with the material you find here : Download (PDF-File 4,5MB)

Since it is fossil material , no Cites is required.

- special handle material from all over the world
- selected pieces 
- intensive grain
- 100% legal
-ideal use for further processing
- high quality material