Mammoth-Ivory (nature)

Untreatend mammoth-Ivory

About 20.000 year old mammoth Ivory from Sibiria

Mammoth ivory is about 10,000 to 30,000 years old and comes from the tusk of a mammoth. The bark is from the outside of the tusks , which could partly reach up to 30 cm. The natural material is not stabilized , but by nature very tightly and massively . Small cracks have been repaired by us with cyanoacrylate and contact filler so that you can process the material immediately. You can cut and drill this mammoth ivory with sharp tools . We recommend in addition to the mammoth ivory vulcanized fiber at the bottom.
Since it is fossil material , no Cites is required.

- special handle material from all over the world
- selected pieces 
- intensive grain
- 100% legal
-ideal use for further processing
- high quality material