FLEX - Wilder Damast / 200 Lagen

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High quality damascus steel handforged by Schmiedeglut!

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FLEX - Wilder Damast / 200 Lagen
from 40,00 €
incl. 19% VAT , plus shipping costs (DHL Paket)

Ultraclean and high cutting performance damascus steel used for custom kitchen knife and hunting knife

Made of high carbon steel for amazing cutting performance and with beuaitful organic 3D looking pattern.

Damascus steel mady by Schmiedeglut is produced in small quantities and completely handmade. 80% we process itself as part of our custom knife making, and it end up only now and then a few pieces in our shop.

For this reason, we started a cooperation with Achim Wirtz. He produces pattern welded steel in "ultraclean process" ... one of the world's finest Damascus steels you can find. The damascus steel made by Achim Wirtz is produced in large quantities to several tons, making it quite well available. The raw material is, however, forged by hand in the right size , patterned, annealed and surface-ground. For this reason, we have here again a certain bottleneck and we need some time to create it for you. 

The Cutting performance is worth the money and the weiting time! Here is what you get:
- 200 layers
- steels 1.3505 + 1.2842 + 75Ni8
- annealed and stress releaved 
- After curing reaches the W200X approx. 60-62 HRC Rockwell
- guaranteed error-free
- steels / raw material of the best quality (no cheap steel from China)
- Perfect welds
- Ultra clean without any slag inclusions


Heat the blade to 820-845°C and wait until the blade is completely glowing on the temperature (approx. 2min per 1mm thickness). Then quench it in Oil until room temperature.
Annealing at 160°C for 1 hour = 61-62 HRC (recommendet for damascus kitchen knifes)  
Annealing at 185°C for 1 hour = 60 HRC (recommendet for damascus hunting knifes)

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