Damascus-Knife forging class (2 days)
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Damascus-Knife forging class (2 days)

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Forge your own Damascus steel and use it for creating your individual knife.
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The goal of this forging class is to forge a Damascusknife made of your own Damascus steel.
In addition, you will learn much knowledge and techniques for making Damascus steel and knives. You spend 4-5 hours with forging-work and the rest of the time in the knife making workshop.

Grebenhain, (about 1,5  hour north of Frankfurt airport) you forge your own knife from Damascus steel under the guidance of our highly trained instructors. The Damascus with up to 160 layers is produced in the course by folding and forge welding itself! In a small group of max. 6-8 students you can learn what is really important when forging Damascus steel.
The Damascus steel is used to forge your blade blank. The shape of the knife you may choose freely (under certain maximum sizes). In this forging and knifemaker course, we will build your knife as a full tang. (Knife with hidden tang can not be produced in this course. Please book the "Damascus Intensive Course 3 Days")

Day 1: The forging class starts at 9:00 o'clock at following adress: Grebenhainer Str. 3, 36355 Grebenhain
After a short safety briefing, we design together your knife individually. You can make a Chef's knife, carving knife, knife for hunting, Steak knife for leather pants at the Oktoberfest, Japanese knife forms, etc

You will start with the production of Damascus steel. In the  fire various steels are welded to a solid piece and the number of layers is doubled by folding and forge welding several times. Up to 160 layers can be produced before the Damascus steel is forged into the blade size. After you have forged the blade blank, the details of knife shape are made with the discgrinder and the belt sander. While the blade blank is annealed in the oven, we start preparing the knife handle. Handle materials such as walnut, cherry, mahogany, etc. are already included in the price. For a extra material charge can buy exclusive handle materials. Tropical hardwood, various burl wood, exotic wood, stabilized wood, and much more. (Fossil materials such as mammoth molar, or Ivory XC can not be used in this course. Please book this the "Damascus Intensive Course 3 Days")

Day2: Knifemaker day
We start the day with the blades cutting edge under use of filing and the belt sander. For this step there are ultramodern belt sander and tools available, so your blade looks as perfect as possible! After hardening and tempering the blade is etched. Here we highlight the different steels in your layers visually so the damascus pattern becomes visible. The next step is to combine the blade with the handlematerials. The handle will be perfectly adapted to your hand and you remove all scratches with sandpaper. In the end we sharpen your knife to razor sharpness .

Included in the price
- 1 self-forged knife
- Kitchen knives: max. Blade length 16cm / max. Blade height 4.5 cm
- Other knives: max. 12cm blade length / max. Blade height 4,0 cm
- Blade steels for the production of your Damascus steel
-  normal woods for the grip (other materials available with extra charge)
- Consumables
- 2x lunch
- Guidance from our instructor

Important Information
- Please note that our courses require a minimum age of 18 years.
- No special previous knowledge is required for this course.
- A normal physical condition is fine.
- Female participants are welcome (do not be shy quiet, you can do it !!!)
- Hotel Recommendation: >>> click here <<<
- You can buy the necessary protective equipment at site. (often, our prices are much cheaper than the hardware store and the quality is better!) you
- need safety glasses, dust mask ffp3, lined leather gloves with long cuffs, ear protection
- please bring work clothes made of cotton (!!!) protective leather shoes (or old military boots )

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