Mammoth-Ivory (stabilised)

Stabilised mammoth Ivory by Raffir

About 20.000 year old mammoth Ivory from Sibiria

"Raffir XC -Ivory" is a specially stabilized mammoth ivory and is produced in Denmark by the company Raffir . The ivory is about 10,000 to 30,000 years old and comes from the tusk of a mammoth . You can edit , cut and drill it with sharp tools . Some of the pieces may have cracks, which can be easily fixed with superglue. We recommend in addition to the Ivory XC vulcanized fiber at the bottom. A guide (only in german) packed with tipps and tricks on how to deal with the material you find here : Download (PDF-File 4,5MB)

Since it is fossil material , no Cites is required.

- special handle material from all over the world
- selected pieces 
- intensive grain
- 100% legal
-ideal use for further processing
- high quality material