Spalted Beech - stabilized Wood by Raffir

Stabilized wood is extremely tough, resistant against water and discoloration.

Our stabilized woods have the most beautiful look and are of the highest quality. All pieces have an especially intensive grain , or a very distinctive look. In the process of stabilization from the market leader Raffir the air is sucked out of the pores of the wood under vacuum. Subsequently, for each type of wood a specially developed plastic is forced through the material. After hardening Raffir woods are extremely resistant to moisture , blood, sweat , food juices and therefore very hygienic. The handles must not be oiled or otherwise impregnated and can be polished to a high gloss almost without further aids.

Tipp: Small gaps or openings cant be completely ruled out in some types of wood. These can be easily repaired with superglue and contact filler.