Poplar Burl Blue (stabilized)

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With the stabilized handle woods by Raffir your knife gets a unique and lively character.
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Poplar Burl Blue (stabilized)
37,50 €
incl. 19% VAT , plus shipping costs (DHL Paket)

Poplar Burl Blue by Raffir (stabilized)

- T
he material shown is a product preview. Since they are made from a natural element the appearance of the handle woods may vary slightly.
- The handle material is deliverd in its rough-hewn state!

With the stabilized handle woods by Raffir your knife gets a unique and lively character. The handle woods are products of a very high quality. They are robust, waterproof and resistant to discolouration. Whether as a handle block for a half tang or as handles for a full tang (for which the handle block is divided with a saw), with these handle woods it is guaranteed that your knife gets a very special design!

Product specifications / delivery contents:
- Handle block "Poplar Burl Blue" (stabilized by Raffir)
- Dimensions: ca. 120 x 40 x 25 mm (there may be minor deviations)

The material:
Poplars are deciduous trees. They originate from the willow plant family. The beautiful and especially tall trees are abundant in Europe and Asia as well as in North America and accordingly form many varieties.

What is stabilized wood?
The handle woods by market leader Raffir are subject to a very special stabilization process. First of all the air is sucked out of the wooden pores under vacuum. Subsequently, a purpose-built special plastic is pressed through the material. After curing, stabilized "Raffir-Woods" are extremely resistant to moisture, blood, sweat, (food) juices and thus very hygienic. They require no special care, don’t need to be oiled or impregnated and can be polished to a high gloss without any aids! 

Processing information:
Stabilized handle materials by Raffir are easy to be processed and are in their hardness comparable to a hardwood. Drilling, sawing and grinding are easily possible. Small gaps or grain openings cannot be fully ruled out in any type of wood. But these can easily be repaired with super-glue and epoxy adhesives. The processing of stabilized wood is harmless to health, however, as with any processing of wood wearing a dust mask is highly recommended! 

Recommended equipment:

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4 from 5 Schönes hartes Holz

Schönes Stück Holz, auch wenn das Blau nicht so stark durchkommt wie auf dem Bild. Man sieht recht stark noch Pappel durchmasern mit Allen leichteten, porösen Teilen mit Blau gefüllt.

Finde daher natur schöner, da gleichmäßig eine Farbe

>Niels R., 09.02.2021
5 from 5 Super tolles Blau

Super schöne Maserung. 👍

>Stefan N., 22.04.2021
5 from 5 Sieht Hammer aus

Sehr schönes griff Material

>Fabian L., 24.08.2021
5 from 5 Nichts zu meckern!

Das Griff-Holz ist qualitativ wie erwartet einwandfrei! Da gibt es wirklich gar nichts auszusetzen! Einen blauen Messer-Griff muss man natürlich mögen, aber ich wollte mal etwas anderes probieren und wurde nicht enttäuscht! Das blau wirkt wirklich schön, glänzt bei mir nicht ganz so wie auf dem Bild, das erachte ich allerdings auch eher als positiven.

>Martin H., 10.03.2023
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