Mammoth bone (stabilised)

Stabilised mammoth bone by Raffir

About 20.000 year old mammoth bone

The bones of mammoths are of a natural color and fit as " timeless material " to all kinds of knives. The gorgeous grain of the natural material is perfectly complemented by the mechanical advantage of the stabilisation process . Stabilised bones have a high resistance and achieve a beautiful gloss after polishing . The material does practically not absorb moisture and will not crack in humidity. The bones have smooth surfaces and require no further handling than fine sanding and polishing. Open pores can be easily sealed with very liquid glue. A guide packed with tipps and tricks (only in german) for handling the material can be found here : Download (PDF-File 4,5MB)

Since it is fossil material , no Cites is required.

- special handle material from all over the world
- selected pieces 
- intensive grain
- 100% legal
-ideal use for further processing
- high quality material
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