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    Handmade Knives for Sale

    Whether you look for a Kitchenknife, a Outdoorknife or an individual piece you find it here!

    You go to a normal knifemaker to buy a beautiful, handmade kitchen knife or a good outdoor knife. Schmiedeglut offers you perfect quality and hand-forged knives with their "own soul" and unique knives. The knife is one of the oldest tools of the people and today we are fascinated when we hold a high-quality blade, and particularly a handmade damascus knife in our hands. In our cutlery, we provide high-quality kitchen knives, bushcraft knives, huntingknife and other knives, blades and swords. Also we create unique knives according to customer requirements. A handmade knife of Schmiedeglut serves its owner with little care for a lifetime as an excellent tool and looks amazing if you take it with you! All hand-forged blades are made in Germany from Damascus steel, special tool-steel, high carbon steel. The blades are forged in the traditional way, but with modern materials and techniques. Because we make each single knife at the time, we can unleash the full power of the steel in our handmade knife blades. Schmiedeglut knives are very sharp and have a high cutting performance on that level! Experience the difference!

    Our products:
    - quality kitchen knives and chef's knife
    - Japanese knife forms such as Santoku, Nakiri, Deba 
    - Bushcraftmesser, Outdoormesser
    - Bushcraft knife, outdoor knife
    - Hunting knife - Razor
    - Fish knife
    - Filetiermesser
    - other knives, blades and swords according to customer wishes
    - 100% made in Germany
    - Handmade unique pieces 
    - Highest quality, hardness, sharpness
    - Damaszenersteel of own production
    - Damast W200 XTreme made in Germany
    - Perfect workmanship
    - High-quality materials
    - ideal handling
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