Zebrano (stabilisiert)

47,99 €
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Big and long XXL block in quality AAA+
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Zebrano (stabilisiert)
47,99 €
incl. 19% VAT , plus shipping costs (DHL Paket)

Since this wood is streaked very intensive, you can see it out immediately with other woods. On a bright yellow background very parallel, sharply demarcated dark brown veins look like drawn. It is medium-hard and can be processed comparatively uncomplicated and nicely polished.

This is one of the world's most beautiful and highest-quality individual pieces, cut to an knife handle block, and in Best Raffir quality.

In the stabilization process
by the market leading company "Raffir" in quality stabilization the air is sucked out of the wood pores first under vacuum. Subsequently, a specially developed plastic is forced through the material. After curing are-stabilized "Raffir woods" extremely insensitive to moisture, blood, sweat, food juices and therefore very hygienic. Also it is pretty resistant against acetone and is not comparable with cheap acrylic stabilisation! 
Raffir wood must not be oiled or otherwise impregnated and can be polished without any problems.

Tipp: Small gaps or burl openings may be found at any type of wood and cannot be completely ruled out. But this can be easily repaired with superglue and contact filler.
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