Belt sander
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Belt sander

Item number: 134
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Optimized belt sander for Knifemakers
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If you are interested in a belt sander for knife makers, then please send us a message (Question on Item). We sell the belt sander is not itself , but will forward your request to a specialist. He will get in contact with you to design your dream machine .

A sword or knife consists of hundreds finely tuned surfaces, arcs, curves, corners and points. To create these forms you need a really good belt grinder with decent pulling power and as many special intentions modular. Unfortunately, it's not easy to find a belt sander for knife makers and swordsmith, which is as universal as a Swiss Army knife. For this reason, we let our own belt sanders build from an expert which himself is a knifemaker and constantly evolving its equipment and new special equipment designs. Meanwhile, our machines have around 5,000 operating hours on their back and run reliably without failure like on the first day!

- If you send us an inquiry on the belt sander, you ensure us that we are allwoed to forward them to the manufacturer of the belt sander who will contact you .

- We do not make money with the mediation of the machine, but do so as a friendship service for our customers in the belief that the machines are highly recommended. For subsequent repairs and warranty claims we are not responsible!

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Damascus Knife hand forged from a Knife Blacksmith !

You can buy a beautiful, handmade kitchen knife or a good utility knife from a Knifemaker. At Schmiedeglut you buy a high quality and hand-forged Damascus Knife with its „own soul“ and unique Design

The knife (best hand-forged) is one of the oldest tools of the people and even today we are fascinated when we hold a high-quality and handmade Damascus Knife in our hands. Schmiedeglut is specialised in kitchen knives, Bushcraft knives, hunting knives and other knives, blades and swords and special customer orders. A Damascus knife which we make from a hand-forged blade serves the owner with little care for a lifetime as an excellent tool and provides an optical eyecatcher! A hand-forged knives from Schmiedeglut is perhaps one of the best knives you can get, in any case, it is a special knife! All hand-forged blades made ​​of Damascus steel, and carbon steel blades we forge in the traditional way, but with modern materials and techniques we unleash the full power of the handmade knife blades. Our knives are very sharp and stay there long! Experience the difference!

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