Camillus Line of Sight? 19"-24" Lopper

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Camillus Line of Sight? 19"-24" Lopper


Camillus Line of Sight? 19"-24" Lopper

Camillus Line of Sight Loppers with Prmy1 Camo handles. These versatile loppers feature an expanding handles for clearing the area for your tree stand or blind. The handles expand from 19" to 24" for easy packing when not in use. The AirShoc Antimicrobial grips provide an ergonomic and impact resistant handle that contains an agent to resist deterioration from mold and mildew, and a patented Titanium Non Stick cutting blade allows for a 1" cut gauge.

? Blade Coating: Titanium Non-Stick
? Blade Color: Black
? Prmy1 Camo Handles
? AirShoc? Antimicrobial Grips
? Handles Expand From 19? to 24?
? 1? Cut Gauge
? Lifetime Warranty

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