Camillus 13" Ravenous? Titanium Nitride Bonded Hatchet

Artikelnummer: 1946

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Camillus 13" Ravenous? Titanium Nitride Bonded Hatchet



Camillus 13.5" Ravenous Tomahawk answers the call for any hunting, fishing or sporting feat. With a titanium bonded chopping blade and spike edge, this impressive tool is easy to grip with a hatch pattern handle. It includes a ballistic nylon sheath with belt loop and a lifetime warranty. The Ravenous 13.5" Tomahawk is up to 3 times harder than steel and allows the blades to stay sharper longer. Camillus knives will withstand the impossible task and continue delivering over extended use. Since 1876, Camillus Cutlery has been supplying the world with reliable, innovative, and quality-made knives that have survived the true test of time.

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